The new year is already seeing a ton of news and action in the Real Estate market, especially here in the Bay Area. Today on Highest and Best, we break down some of these trends and stories with The Maddox Team: Jason, Jamie and Katrena, as well as discuss the benefits of staging a home and the future of real estate marketing.
Jason: 925-899-0520
Katrena: 510-734-8119
Jamie: 510-520-4291

1:42 Getting Started
2:37 What is Catching Your Eye in Real Estate
10:48 Following Up Leads
17:21 How Agents will Adapt to the Future
20:47 Showing Listings
29:41 Staging Homes
33:28 Marketing in the Digital World
38:20 Office Organization and Communication
40:01 Contact info/ Websites
44:19 Wrap Up

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