It all started over a cup of coffee. Both Stephanie Castaneda and Jeanette Valdez had similar goals of starting their own businesses in fields that al...View Details

This week, Brian and Marc take a look at how Uber and Lyfts IPO release will impact housing, the dropping number of affordable rental homes, the falli...View Details

In today’s world, film has become one the most useful ways of portraying a story or message. Fay Darmawi, our guest today, uses film for those exact p...View Details

It's hard on everyone when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Cheryl Krauter offers her advice on how you can be there to support your family membe...View Details

Mixing Old and New

The challenge of combining social media into an age-old theatre format is not easy, but Nick Ishimaru pulled it off at The Theatre of Yugen Thanks for...View Details

Welcome to our second episode of our new real estate/ property analysis pod-show. We will be officially rebranding Highest and Best as The Marc and Br...View Details

Theater is one of history's oldest and grandest forms of expression. It can also provide a window into all new worlds and ways of life, and give you s...View Details

A Day Of Muchy Goodness

It takes a lot of work to keep the Munchie House menu going Thanks for watching! Listen to The Marc Guzman Experience on iTunes, iHeartRadio or Watch ...View Details

Luckily, we don't need to worry about facing sub-zero temperatures here in California. Instead, we get earthquakes... Thanks for watching! Listen to T...View Details

The new year is already seeing a ton of news and action in the Real Estate market, especially here in the Bay Area. Today on Highest and Best, we brea...View Details

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