This week on Highest and Best, we welcome back Ron Mintz, Vice President of Golden Gate Sothebys Realty. A former CCAR President, Ron manages over 200 employees across several offices. Today we get his take on the slowing housing market and how his agents are dealing with the slowdown, and what the next year could look like for real estate in the Bay Area.
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1:46 Getting Started
6:27 Current Market Analysis
9:21 Educating Property Owners and Buyers
21:14 Government Shutdown Impact on Housing and Mortgage Market
23:09 Educating Agents to Adapt to a Changing Market
29:58 Unemployment levels and Economic Forecasts
38:42 Gavin Newsom’s Housing Plan
46:00 2019 Real Estate Prediction
47:49 Wrap up/ Contact Information

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