Each day 22 veterans take their own life and Mission 22 is a leading non-profit in assisting and providing resources to veterans to prevent suicide. As an ambassador for the non-profit, The Bar Athletics Gym makes Mission 22 an integral part of it’s day-to-day operations. Owners Kim Staggs and Michelle Keeton join me in this episode to discuss Mission 22, bodybuilding, their gym’s youth program and give quick tips to losing weight. We also enjoy a 2015 Orin Swift Palermo Cabernet wine ($45). Mission 22: http://bit.ly/2vEeAoz. Guest: http://thebarathleticsgym.com. Wine: http://bit.ly/2vE0JhI.


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Wine: http://bit.ly/2vE0JhI
Guest: http://thebarathleticsgym.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBarAthletics/
Mission 22: http://bit.ly/2vEeAoz



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