Life can be difficult at times, and the everyday grind can wear anyone down. With all the pressure that we go through everyday to be our best selves, we sometimes lose track of what our best selves should look like. My guest today, Jeanice Cummings, is someone who has been devoted to helping others rediscover who they are, and recapture their self-esteem. The oldest of 14 children, she started U Win Working With Me life coaching specializing in low self-esteem, happiness and compassion fatigue coaching. This episode brings exercises and tools one can utilize to make your life a bit happier.

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  • Stella Rosa sweet wine
  • Strawberry Fanta scent

Getting Started

  • Growing up in Oklahoma, went to Northeastern State
  • Visited California in 1971, decided to stay
  • Stayed for the diversity, loved the location, weather too

Growing up

  • Oldest of 14, took care of younger siblings, told stories
  • Didn’t feel too crowded
  • Sought out personal space, learned a lot about interaction

Battling Low Self Esteem

  • Didn’t know a lot about it, read about it in 11th grade


  • Exercises you can do
  • takes a while to remove that block, have to work on it for life


  • Did community service for 34 years
  • Wanted to do something where clients welcomed change
  • Read about life coaching, do 1 hr. sessions, more client focused
  • “U Win Working With Me”
  • Group sessions for foster parents

Group vs 1-on-1 Sessions

  • Depends on what you’re looking for
  • Allows you to see a commonality

Different Coaching

  • Life coach: Guiding you, supporting you to help achieve goals
  • You already have what you need inside of you
  • Helping people who work too much

Happiness Coaching

  • What do you need to let go of
  • Recognizing sadness in others, Auditing the people around you
  • Don’t worry about what others think of you, don’t need to justify yourself

Self-Esteem Coaching

  • Admitting low self-esteem is the first step
  • Where do self-esteem issues start?
  • Minimizing behavior
  • Timeline to see a difference

Compassion Fatigue

  • Soul Depletion- battered down by life
  • Desensitized to life, how to get out of it
  • Group sessions help normalize that feeling

Motivational Speaking

  • Speaking for foster parents

Personal Impact

  • Need your own coach
  • People are not that different

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