America is not just a land of opportunity, but a land of second chances. But not all second chances are created equal, and for some, they can be hard to come by. For a single mother overcoming abuse and/or addiction, that second chance can seem impossible to achieve. That is why people like Kim Carter, our guest today, are so vital to the community. After dealing with her own bouts with homelessness and addiction, Kim found her second chance and turned it into the Time For Change Foundation, which works to get homeless mothers off the street and reunified with their children. A true agent of change, Kim works hard to ensure that no mother has to choose between getting the help she needs and keeping her children.
Office Number: 909-886-2994
Personal Number: 951-217-7971

1:59 Getting Started
6:30 Time For Change Foundation
16:17 Number of Homeless people in California and the US
21:18 Getting into Time for Change
26:13 Working with Individuals
30:10 Employment Assistance
33:02 Newsom’s Housing Plan
41:04 Spin the Wheel
43:50 Staff Size
45:22 Putting a Mother in a Home with their Child
50:22 Looking Ahead
52:33 Wrap Up/ Contact info

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