Ep 190 | The Real CSIs

Crime dramas are a staple of American television culture. For decades, shows like CSI, How to Get Away with Murder, Magnum PI and many others have captured our imagination and given us a peek at the world of criminal science. But like with anything you see on TV, what happens in these shows is not always the same as what happens in real life, no matter how “accurate” the shows may seem. Our guest today is Jennifer Mihalovich, a DNA Technical Leader with the Oakland Police Department for almost 20 years. In total, Jennifer has over 35 years of experience in forensic science. Today we are going to have her shed some light on the real world of forensic crime solving.
CAC: California Association of Criminalists, cacnews.org
AAFS: American Academy of Forensic Science
ASCLD: American Society of Crime Lab Detectors
ABC: American Board of Criminalistics

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1:54 Getting Started, Backstory
3:56 Staying in California
5:29 Criminalist vs Criminology
8:49 Evidence Collecting
10:53 DNA Testing
19:53 Private vs Public Labs
23:33 Post Conviction Cases
- Fred Zain and Glen Woodall
- Guy Paul Marin
29:11 Fibers as Evidence
31:39 How DNA Extraction Works
38:55 Being an Expert Witness
42:12 Cold Cases
- Gypsy Hill Killer
46:13 Advances in DNA Testing
49:39 TV vs Reality
- Most Accurate Crime Show
56:29 Wrap up

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