Last week, the United States Government released a report with some of the starkest warning yet of the risk of climate change and the impact it could have on our country and planet. Most of those effects have already been felt here in California, where winters are becoming warmer, and wildfires are becoming larger and more destructive. The basic principles of climate change are simple, but some of the deeper science and impacts can be complicated. Today, we talk to Faith Kearns, a scientist at the California Institute for Water Resources, about our changing climate, water shortage and other ways a warming planet will impact California.
1:52 Getting Started
8:15 What has your attention
10:02 Background
11:26 Uncharted appearance
15:54 Climate change
20:57 Experimentation
22:50 Media takeaways
24:55 Global Warming terminology
29:06 California wildfires
38:19 Drought impact
39:49 Forest management
45:12 Global warming and droughts
53:53 Working on now
59:57 Wrap up

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