There has hardly been a time in our country’s history when journalism was as important as it is now. And that sentiment extends beyond politics and into science. Each day new scientific breakthroughs are discovered, slowly but surely moving us into the future. Today, our guest is Lisa Krieger, science writer for the Bay Area News Group. Her works over the years have covered all sorts of scientific advancements, outdoor activities, medicine and the environment. This past summer has seen her spending hours in Northern California covering the wildfires ravaging the state. Today, Lisa joins us to share her story, as well as share the stories she’s covered about modern day science.


1:30 Getting Started

6:58 Outdoor writing

10:44 Favorite spots in the Bay Area

13:53 Science coverage

21:01 Stem cell research

31:36 Future advancements

38:10 California wildfires                                                                                 

47:51 Right To Die law

54:39 Future of journalism

1:03:12 Best part of being a journalist

1:05:25 Wrap up

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