Last winter, we had Nick Ishimaru on the podcast to talk about A Noh Christmas Carol, a retelling of the classic tale with a mix of traditional Japanese theater forms of noh, kyogen, kabuki and avante garde dance. This year, Nick has another play set to release at the Theater of Yugen: Seen /By Everyone, which opens this week on October 5th. This production takes a look at how the world expresses emotions of grief and loss, but through the hyper-connected world of social media. We’ll talk to Nick about the production of the play, as well as how he brought the themes explored into the story.
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1:20 Start
2:35 Catching up
4:53 What has your attention
7:59 Recap of traditional Noh Theater
13:29 Inspiration to the story
16:33 Goal for the audience
23:42 Acting talent and social media production
31:13 Social media in real life
35:57 Positives and negatives of social media
47:00 Challenges using content
51:07 Training actors/ preparation
54:24 Tickets, show dates, wrap up

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