Today on Real Realtors, I talked with Cass Gulden from Lee & Associates and Ryan Bettencourt of Summit Funding. We cover a host of topics, including appraisals, what challenges sellers of damaged properties from the Wine Country Fires might face, as well as the impact of the GOP Tax Bill on the Real Estate Business.

Cass Gulden: Phone: 510-599-3139

Ryan Bettencourt: Phone: 510-662-8496


Ryan- Mortgage loan officer, started working for father a few years ago

Cass- Commercial sales, works mainly with retailers

Buying Investment Properties

  • Down payment required
  • Appraisal issues in commercial real estate
  • Investigating commercial properties

Capitalization Rates

  • Amount of return expected
  • Lower in the Bay Area

Wine Country Fires

  • Properties for sale, what difficulties will buyers and sellers face?
  • Who will be the buyers
  • Insurance impact
  • Commercial Impact

Representing Business Buyers

  • Analyzing the numbers
  • Resale value and personal expenses
  • Business loans

Tax Bill

  • Commercial impact
  • Mortgage interest deductions
  • Property tax deduction impact
  • Home equity loan deductions

National Association of Realtors

  • Where should focus go?
  • Can you lump all markets together?
  • Where members are located and effect on change of focus
  • Losing jobs to Nevada

Best part of being in Real Estate

  • Cass: No two days are alike
  • Ryan: Like the challenge of fixing problems
  • Advice to your younger self

Wrap/ Contact info

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