With 2018 wrapping up, the housing and financial markets have a lot of questions surrounding them. What will interest rates look like in 2019? What will 2019 bring for California in terms of the housing crisis? How might trade wars impact housing? Today, we have on Lanny Clark of Prime Lending to help us answer those questions and more as we look ahead to see what 2019 might have in store for the California housing market.
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1:46 Getting Started
4:49 Wine
5:35 Changing financial market and interest rates
10:20 Housing shortage
25:14 Household income
28:00 Student loans and mortgages
34:13 2020 Recession worries
40:35 HELOCs
53:40 Making sacrifices and dealing with mental health
59:04 Healthcare
1:12:39 Christmas Time
1:16:35 Wrap up/ Contact info

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