Over the last few months, the California housing market has started to cool down. Not at alarming levels that would suggest a recession or anything scary like that, but enough to catch the attention of those in the real estate industry around the state. Today our guest is Kerri Naslund- Monday, who deals with auction sales online, to talk about how her business model is impacted by a cooling housing market. We also talk about the prospects of rebuilding Paradise, as well as pick Kerri’s brain about her favorite board game, Monopoly.
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1:54 Getting Started, Tax Advisories
5:48 Recession threats
9:24 Liquidity crisis and market shifts
15:26 Bay Area housing trends
18:59 Student loans and the housing market
25:23 Auction market
33:09 Newsom’s housing plan
39:21 High speed rail
44:39 Monopoly
47:14 Wrap up/ Contact info

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