Nothing is worse than losing your home in a fire. But having a good insurance agent there to assist you through the recovery process can at least help get started in rebuilding your life. Today, we welcome back Jessie Banuelos of Farmers Insurance to talk about how an insurance agent can help you back on your feet, as well as provide services beyond just insurance. We also look into the slowdown in California home buying, and how that ties into the insurance industry as a whole.
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1:53 Getting Started
8:13 Diving into Fire Insurance
16:22 Insurance provisions
25:08 Rising premiums
31:08 Insurance cancellations
37:11 Insurance discounts
43:19 Catastrophic claims
46:29 Insurance advisor
49:43 Homebuyer seminar
51:50 Keeping up with the Real Estate market
1:00:33 Wrap up/ Contact information

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