In today’s world, film has become one the most useful ways of portraying a story or message. Fay Darmawi, our guest today, uses film for those exact purposes partially through the SF Urban Film Fest. The Urban Film Fest brings filmmakers together to tell stories and share messages that aim to bring light to social and societal issues in San Francisco, while also seeking to showcase San Francisco’s beauty and diversity. Today, Fay joins us over the phone to talk about the SF Urban Film Fest, as well as her quest to find the solution to affordable housing in the City by the Bay.

1:55 Getting Started
3:23 Affordable Housing Finance
11:01 Film and Social Change
16:17 SF Urban Film Fest
21:13 Number of Films per Fest and the Selection Process
25:29 Involvement
26:32 Donation Info
28:01 London Breed and the Navigation Center
31:30 Impact on Others Lives
34:28 Increasing Affordable Housing
42:20 Favorite Parts of the Fest
48:03 Next Events/ Wrap Up

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