The Richmond Craneway was once used to manufacture Ford trucks, and during World War 2 was a hub for ship building. Today though, it plays host to the Richmond Craneway Craft Fair. For 47 years, the Craneway Crafts Fair has provided local and amateur Bay Area artists a place to showcase their talents and works of art for all to enjoy. This is KPFA’s largest fundraiser event of the year and after moving the event from San Francisco to Richmond, CA, they immediately doubled attendance. None of this would be possible without our guest, Jan Etre, who for the past 29 years has made this crafts fair possible.

Getting Started

  • Art has been a part of life since birth, making things as a kid.
  • Art is meditative and full of meaning
  • Meditation, learning as you get older

Art Today/ Styles

  • Interested in textiles now, travelled to India
  • Is there creativity in everyone/ creativity and an analytical mind

Living in the Bay Area

  • Born in New York, moved to the Virgin Islands at age 11
  • Culture shock and Caribbean Rum
  • Moved to the Bay Area in 1972/ Husband was from Mill Valley
  • Were hippie/ crafts people, anti-war
  • Cultural Revolution led to crafts fairs/ Lucky to be in California now

Apprenticeship in England

  • University without walls: Non-Traditional classes held outside
  • Leatherwork and ceramics

Crafts Fair

  • Promoted for 29 years
  • Show is 40 years old now, different every year
  • Size doubled in first year held in Richmond

Starting the Craft Fair

  • Rise of KPFA and Cultural Revolution in the 60’s
  • Vendors originally on Telegraph Ave, eventually moved indoors and became an event
  • Technology led to change in art over the years
  • Always running around, doing different things during the festival

Application Process

  • Limits on art- need to apply, need to be original
  • 180 booths this year, received over 300 applications
  • Fair caters to older generations, looking to get younger audiences

Getting Younger Generations Involved

  • Attending other festivals and meeting people
  • Challenge of attracting youth

Jan Etre Presents

  • Represents own art
  • Jakita Designs coming soon

Berkeley Art Festival Guild

  • Ran the Oak Park Fair
  • Attendance was down, Guild now defunct, had to let it go
  • Exhibited art before taking over promotion
  • Still exhibit occasionally with East Bay Heritage Quilters

Event Info

  • Buy tickets at the door
  • Free parking, busses from BART

Wrap up


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