It all started over a cup of coffee. Both Stephanie Castaneda and Jeanette Valdez had similar goals of starting their own businesses in fields that allowed them to follow their passions. These two met and quickly formed a supportive friendship as two young Latina-American women hoping to carve out a spot in the world of fashion and cosmetics. They may make it look easy, but they will be the first to tell you it was anything but. Today, Stephanie and Jeanette join us on the podcast to talk about their businesses, Munecas Vintage, and Labio Mios, as well as the challenges they faced as two Latinx women trying to start their own brand in today's America.
Jeanette Valdez- Labios Mios:
Stephanie Castaneda- Munecas Vintage:
1:21 Getting Started/ What Has Your Attention Now
8:47 Labios Mios
12:51 Munecas Vintage
15:04 Instagram and Advertising
22:20 Latinx Struggles Starting a Business
28:05 Goals Moving Forward
29:22 Naming
32:02 Favorite Products
32:46 Advice

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