Theater is one of history's oldest and grandest forms of expression. It can also provide a window into all new worlds and ways of life, and give you skills to tackle any challenge. That is what the Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre in Oakland is all about. Gritty City was founded on the principle of providing young adults in the Oakland and East Bay Area a safe place to grow into their lives and experience the world around them through the magic of theater. Today, our guests are Lindsay Krumbein, the Executive Director of Gritty City, and ensemble members Tomorrow Page and Jordan Lopez to talk about the impact that Theater and Gritty City have had on their lives.

2:06 Getting Started
2:52 Opening Gritty City
12:04 Providing Confidence and Community
14:51 Naming
17:51 Ensemble Size
20:44 Payment and Apprenticeships
30:03 Spin the Wheel
41:49 Show Performance Issues
47:10 Next Show
48:05 Wrap Up/ Information

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