If you tell someone that your job entails dancing with a pole for money, those people will probably draw up a few assumptions about what you do for a living. But pole dancing is quickly rising as a popular method of getting in shape. Our guests today are Amy Bond and Karri Mae Becker. Together they run Oakland Pole and Dance, an extension of San Francisco Pole and Dance, where anyone regardless of gender or sexuality can come and feel safe to express themselves and work their bodies.
Beer: eastbrotherbeer.com/beers-1/
Oakland Pole and Dance: oaklandpoleanddance.com
Address: 366A Grand Avenue Oakland, CA 94610

1:11 Getting Started
8:24 When Karri Got Involved
11:12 Location- Bay Area
15:42 Expanding Business
19:32 Staff
20:29 Future Plans
22:56 Oakland Pole and Dance
27:47 Creating a Community
32:57 Spin the Wheel (New Segment!)
37:14 Signing Up
40:04 Pole Dancing Beyond Strip Clubs
45:52 Guys Pole Dancing
47:43 Wrap Up

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