Very little is more important for your overall well-being than your mental health. Yet, mental health and the issues that can arise from it are still not always taken as seriously as they should in today's society. People everywhere are dealing with issues, and simply telling someone to “get over it” is not how it works. Today, my guest is Dr. Sheila Addison, a therapist who specializes not just in family matters, but in counseling LGBTQ patients as well. With 21 years of experience behind her, we talk to her about mental health in America today, as well as the misconceptions that society has about communities that struggle every day with their well-being.

1:55 Getting Started
8:22 Shedding light on the LGBTQ Community
9:33 Background, Living in the Bay Area
17:31 Becoming a licensed therapist
21:39 Couple communication
27:02 Working with kids
33:47 Parenting with what we know
38:35 LGBTQ Community
46:44 Transgender bullying
50:20 Transgender kids
1:00:13 Wrap up/ Contact Info

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