This week on Highest and Best, I sit down with my colleague Ron Baniqued from BCRE, to talk about what we’ve seen in the real estate market over the past year. We’ll take a look at the future of home affordability, and briefly touch on Google’s latest real estate venture in the South Bay. We also dive into real estate technology and the impact it could have on Realtors.
Phone: 510-913-1545

1:46 Getting Started/ Thanksgiving
8:44 Business recap
10:50 Flipping houses
16:29 What buyers are doing now
19:01 Next step for the market
29:36 Home affordability
38:55 Millennials place in the market
47:31 Tech in real estate
59:53 Google duplex
1:07:54 Google land development
1:12:34 Wrap up

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