It’s becoming all too normal in the Bay Area lately: you look up, and instead of blue sky or fog, you see nothing but smoke. Governor Jerry Brown said the other day that massive wildfires and smoke filled skies are becoming the “new abnormal” here in California. The environmental impacts of these wildfires run deep, but they also could have a significant impact on housing here in the Bay Area. Today we welcome Colin Davies from Security Pacific to talk about how Bay Area housing is impacted by all the smoke. We also do a quick recap of the midterm elections impact on housing, and look back 10 years ago at a time when the country was in the middle of a massive recession.
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2:06 Getting Started
3:17 Wildfires impact on buyers and sellers
8:17 Air quality
11:13 Client thoughts
12:06 Adjustments realtors need to make
12:53 Changes to the housing market
18:39 Neighborhood market shifts and changing interest rates
31:06 Global real estate
44:03 Midterms impact on housing
55:07 Past episode/ Wrap Up

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