Like any city, growing up in Oakland can have its challenges. For Pendarvis Harshaw, he turned his experiences of growing up in Oakland into the book “OG Told Me,” a collection of advice he got over the years, in hopes of passing that knowledge down to kids to make their growing up experiences a little bit easier. Today we have him on the podcast to talk about his book, and dive into his experiences in Oakland and how he hopes to see a better world for the next generation of Oakland youth.
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1:49 Wine
5:23 What has your attention right now
7:14 Growing up in Oakland
12:08 Journalism and writing
13:32 Teaching
21:34 OG Told Me
26:44 Starting the book/ Where to buy it
30:02 Who the book is for
34:25 Teaching journalism in prisons
40:31 Fatherhood
45:42 Meditation
52:04 Going to Cal, Future of Journalism
55:37 Nia Wilson
1:00:22 Oakland moving forward
1:09:29 Wrap up/ Information

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