Growing up in Richmond can be hard for a child. At least it was for a time. We’ve talked to many people who have helped changed Richmond’s reputation for the better. Our guests today, David Rosenthal and Peppina Liano are the latest guests we’ve had that fit on that list. In 2004, David Rosenthal founded Richmond College Prep with the hope of providing the youth of Richmond a secure, safe location to build their education and achieve a life they could once only dream about. Today, we sit down with David and Peppina, who is the school’s CEO, to hear the incredible story behind the schools founding, and the impact it has had on the community around it.
Original News Story:
1:55 Getting Started
6:06 Founding of Richmond College Prep
13:11 First Students
15:11 Measuring test scores
20:11 First steps
25:04 Peppina involvement
35:00 Differences from other schools
38:41 Enrollment requirements
40:27 Teachers
42:18 Other programs
51:31 College prep
57:51 Wrap up/ contact info

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