With 6 professional teams and several Division 1 college sports teams, the Bay Area Sports Scene is one of the largest and most vibrant in the country. In the last 60 years, Bay Area teams have combined to win 18 championships, and numerous other incredible seasons. With so much greatness, the athletes who made it possible had to be remembered. That led to, in 1980, the establishment of the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. But BASHOF is more than just honoring sports legends. It’s also about giving back to the Bay Area community. Today, our guest is Kevin O’Brien, president and CEO of BASHOF, to talk about the impact sports has had on Bay Area culture, and how BASHOF strives to get the youth of the Bay Area involved in sports as a way of bettering their lives.

Website: http://bashof.org/

Donate: https://app.mobilecause.com/form/fE7HTg

Golf Tournament: https://bit.ly/2QEiuWs


2:04 Getting Started

7:51 Future of television

19:07 Getting involved in BASHOF

27:24 Founding of BASHOF

34:17 Issues with baseball and football

42:12 BASHOF and the community

49:09 BASHOF Locarion

53:10 Enshrinement requirements

56:47 Womens sports in the Bay Area

59:48 Future of BASHOF

1:03:23 Hockey fandome

1:11:11 23rd Annual BASHOF Gold Classic

1:12:31 Wrap up

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