You may think that pigs are just a source of bacon and pork. But spend some time with Leslie Crawford, and you will quickly learn how wrong that assertion is. Leslie recently wrote and published Spring the Rescue Pig, an illustrated childrens book that she hope will spread awareness to the mistreatment pigs face, while showing how remarkable they truly are. Today, Leslie is here to talk about Sprigs story, as well as share her experiences from 20 years as a journalist and author.

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Leslie Crawford:

2:16: Getting Started

7:53 The Wine

8:15 Sprig the Rescue Pig

13:39 Bacon and going vegetarian

23:19 Writing childrens books

31:30 Gwen the Rescue Hen

41:03 Marketing a childrens book

43:19 Future animal books

45:07 Overcoming writers block

55:41 Wrap up/ Contact info

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