Everything starts as an idea. For Alex Nerguizian, his idea was to start a food truck that sells gelato and espresso. For a while, this idea was just that, an idea. Until it wasn’t. Alex decided that the time for talking about his idea had come and gone, and now, he owns and operates Nissa Espresso and Gelato Bar, which made its debut on July 4th at the Berkeley Marina. Today we talk to Alex about how he made his dream a reality.

Social: @Nissatruck

Youtube Channel: Finanzas Al Instante


1:45 Getting Started

8:35 Financial consulting background

10:15 Youtube Channel

14:52 Alternate credit reports

16:04 The wine

17:08 Growing up in Argentina

18:45 Coming to America/ The Latino community

25:53 Getting into financial consulting

35:54 Nissa Espresso & Gelato Bar

  • Executing an idea

43:35 Gelato & Espresso

48:25 Improving the product

49:57 Operation hours and location

52:05 Samples

55:03 Future plans

  • Name origin

1:02:57 Wrap up/ Contact info

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