I have been doing property management for over 10 years now. I have always enjoyed the challenges it brings and how natural it felt to me. But like any profession, there is no one right way to do it. Today, my guest is Kenson Goo, CEO and Co-Founder of RentZend, an app that lets property managers and landlords use the latest technology to keep track of their properties. Today we talk about how technology has impacted property management both now and in the coming years.



Tasting: Vienna Style Red Lager

0:00 Getting Started

  • What has your attention right now?

7:41 Getting involved with Tech and RentZend

13:23 What is RentZend?

17:53 Getting into the RentZend database

19:57 Challenges of starting a business

27:17 Self-management and looking for a property manager

34:51 RentZend online tools

40:07 Flip Analysis tool

46:46 Wrap up/ Contract info


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