Ep 128 | Feel Good Music

Music has different meanings to all of us. Each artist and each song carries their own small story. Each of those stories comes from somewhere. Today on the podcast, straight out of Pittsburg, we have Dontae Blinks, aka, Blinks aka Last Name Blinks. Dontae’s style of music is a mix of feel good with hip-hop. Today we dive into what his music is about, what it means, and we bask in the victory of the Warriors dynasty clinching another NBA title.

Website: lastnameblinks.com

Music: soundcloud.com/lastnameblinks

Instagram: @lastnameblinks

0:00 Getting Started

5:05 Intros and the wine

7:29 What has your attention now

8:45 Changes in the music industry in the last 20 years

  • Changes in the next 5-10 years

13:05 Team building

14:04 Getting music out there

17:31 Origin story

  • Music and photography

24:28 Song writing process

27:35 Mixing genres

29:03 Last two albums

  • Feel Good Music
  • Chill

30:39 Inspirations to songs

32:38 Challenges to getting music out there

35:52 Latest event

36:50 Warriors latest title

43:05 Living in the Bay

  • Best food spots
  • Best fun spots

44:43 Best part about living in The Bay

48:25 Wrap up/ Contact info

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