Everyone gets the munchies. Sometimes you just find yourself craving something that simply hits the spot. And living in the Bay Area, one thing you start to notice is the best munchie food usually is made in a truck. Today we have Yogi, the founder of Munchie House, a food truck out of Oakland that on evenings Tuesday through Friday provides some of the best munchie food the Bay Area has to offer. We talk to Yogi about how he founded his munchie enterprise and how it found its home in Oakland. Caution, this episode could make you hungry.


0:00 Getting Started

2:18 What has your attention right now

3:57 East Brother Beer

4:17 Richmond/ Oakland roots

5:28 Munchie House pop ups

6:22 Yogi’s rapping

7:43 From rapping to Munchie House

11:17 Evening crowds and food

15:17 Collaborations

16:17 Menu choices

17:14 Future recipes

19:12 Ultimate goals

  • Franchise

22:39 Daily routine

24:41 Other post up locations and times

28:17 Off-days

28:42 Business growth

29:34 Business advice

31:34 Music making

37:35 Location and catering

38:17 The corn

39:13 Wrap up/ Contact info

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