As a research scientist, Kristie Tacey, worked in laboratories all her life and worked on the Human Genome Project. But she wanted more and was introduced to the world of winemaking. In 2009 she started her winery, Tessier Winery, and began making her favorite variety, Pinot Noir. She is a one-woman show handling everything from harvest, to winemaking, to marketing and running the business. Today she makes many different wines from Viogner, to Cab Franc and continues to make her favorite Pinot Noir.



  • Naming of the winery (French)
  • Logo design, Science is Art
  • Based out of Healdsburg

Getting Started                  

  • Born in Michigan, moved to California for school, fell in love with California
  • Enjoyed the vineyards a lot

The Wine- Vignette

  • Taste, smell
  • Russian River Valley
  • Cold fermentation
  • Food pairings

Before Winemaking

  • Research science to winemaking
  • Biosciences, Berkeley Lab, Human Genome Project
  • Moving to the private sector
  • Work on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Leaving Science

  • Less labwork, more data analysis
  • Originally wanted a PhD. And become an astronaut
  • Cousin introduced me to winemaking
  • Also had an interest in botany
  • “Recovering Scientist”

Inspecting the Vines

  • Learning the Pinot Noir process
  • “Listen to the Grape”
  • Weather impact

Early Challenges

  • Used own money to buy fruit
  • Finding good pinot grapes
  • Feeling behind, no other employees

Types of Wines

  • Started with Pinot
  • Added others in 2011, 12 and 13
  • 2015, added a Cabernet
  • 2016, added 2 more wines

Pinot Noir

  • Big fan, cousin also enjoys it
  • Rewarding to find a good one
  • Testing Santa Cruz Mountains grapes

Final Product

  • Soil, elevations effect on the wine
  • Granite soils
  • Transition to Merlots


  • Whole Cluster, Foot Stomping
  • Ageing process
  • Barrel Selection


  • Private tastings, events
  • Collaborate with Chefs

Food Compliments

  • Contrast and enhance flavors
  • White wine pairings

Prices/ Where to Buy

  • Everything available online
  • Wine clubs
  • Musical pairings


  • As many as possible
  • Various restaurants

Contact info/ Wrap

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