Can We (Still) B Great

Last year, Jasmine Walker and Ashli Patrice came on the podcast to talk about their mini web series Can We B Great. The story was one that a lot of people can relate to: Trying to accomplish your goals and dreams in today’s world. Today we catch up with Ashli and Jasmine to recap the first season and take a small peak at what could be coming in Season 2 of Can We B Great.

1:04 Getting Started
2:02 What has your attention
10:18 Can We B Great series
13:04 Production delays
16:38 Possible Season 2
19:28 Adapting a screenplay
22:13 Recapping Season 1
30:26 The challenges of funding and editing
36:57 Getting better at acting
43:07 Living in New York
44:53 Favorite 2018 movies and Christmas movies
51:59 Wrap up

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