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I joined The Baconers "Bacon of the Month" Club. It was one of the best decisions I made in 2018. 10/10 recommend.  Thanks for watching! Listen to The...View Details

Oakland comic Chris Riggins talks about doing stand-up while staring into the face of dying on stage. Thanks for watching! Listen to The Marc Guzman E...View Details

I talk about how my business grew in the last year, look ahead at what is still to come next year, and remind you of any new laws that tenants should ...View Details

With 2018 wrapping up, the housing and financial markets have a lot of questions surrounding them. What will interest rates look like in 2019? What wi...View Details

Simone’s Travel Tips

Whether she is going to photograph a wedding or just getting out of town, Simone Anne travels A LOT. So we asked her if she's learned anything from he...View Details

To Be a Kid in Richmond

At the Ryse Center in Richmond, it's about educating kids on all the options they have available for their future. Thanks for watching! Listen to The ...View Details

What Hillary Got Wrong

A lot of factors contributed to Hillary Clinton's shocking loss in the presidential race. Joan C. Williams explained why one of those factors was Hill...View Details

Billy Zeier explained to us the how going Solar can save not just the planet, but some of your money too.

1: What measures have banks taken to ensure that the next recession won’t see a collapse of the financial market? 2: How might student loans have a si...View Details

Over the last few months, the California housing market has started to cool down. Not at alarming levels that would suggest a recession or anything sc...View Details

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