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Insurance: The most important thing you buy with the hope that you never have to use it. Today on Highest and Best, we welcome back EJ Paje of Farmers...View Details

Last month, we had Jeff Rubin, President of the Pinole Historical Society, on the podcast to talk about the history of Pinole. For a small town, Pinol...View Details

Local musician Dante Blinks came on the podcast, and among other things, discussed his love for the Bays Team: the Golden State Warriors

Throwback to when we had Corbett Redford and Anthony Marchitiello on the podcast to talk about their film Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

Todays AMA questions:1: What was your reaction to New York-based Compass Real Estates purchase of Pacific Union International here in San Francisco?2:...View Details

A good Realtor has their finger on the pulse of local real estate trends. Part of the reason I started this podcast was to showcase these real estate ...View Details

Film is one of the best ways to tell a story. For Miranda Jonte, her upcoming film Greasemonkey tells a story that is not just personal to her, but re...View Details

Todays AMA we cover the following1) What is your opinion on virtual brokerages?2) How will rising interest rates affect home sales?3) How can I improv...View Details

The Bay From Above

Ever wonder what the world looks like from above? Usually you need to be looking out a small airplane window to get that kind of view. Photographer St...View Details

1: Can you talk about buying land/property by itself and why there is such a huge difference in the process for that and buying a home?   2: What is y...View Details

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