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“Millennials: Walking around as if they rent the place.” Perhaps no demographic in the Bay Area has felt the pain of the housing crunch worse than the...View Details

I have been doing property management for over 10 years now. I have always enjoyed the challenges it brings and how natural it felt to me. But like an...View Details

Ep 129 | AMA

Part of any great business is hiring good people around you. But building a team isn’t cut and dry. I am lucky to have found many people who I trust a...View Details

Ep 128 | Feel Good Music

Music has different meanings to all of us. Each artist and each song carries their own small story. Each of those stories comes from somewhere. Today ...View Details

In this weeks episode of Highest and Best, Davide Pio and I talk about the busy day we had together, ballot measures that could change Prop 13, and ta...View Details

Everyone gets the munchies. Sometimes you just find yourself craving something that simply hits the spot. And living in the Bay Area, one thing you st...View Details

Rarely does a week go by when the California Housing Crisis is not brought up. This week is more of the same, as once again, more and more news is com...View Details

Ep 123 | Mike Thompson Notes                      For the past 19 years, Congressman Mike Thompson has represented the 5th district of California in t...View Details

Ep 122 | AMA

In this episode, Marc answers questions about Parcel Taxes, subleases and non-contingent offers for real estate property.

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