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Ep 121 Highest and Best 35 | Denise Kees and Ryan Bettencourt   Today on Highest and Best, we are continuing our preview of the June 5th Primary elect...View Details

There are many ways one can be a leader, but not every way is an effective method of leading. There are many aspects as to what makes a good leader, a...View Details

Ep 119 | AMA

Ask Marc Anything: Today Marc talks about various marketing and business topics, as well who to trust with a home inspection. Have a question for Marc...View Details

Ep 118 | Highest and Best 34 w/ Zulien Morales   On June 5th, Bay Area voters will be faced with a decision, and not just in primary elections for sev...View Details

Back before there was Garage Band, Audacity or other digital audio editing software and programs, there were music synthesizers. Chances are you have ...View Details

Ep 116 | AMA

Going over a few common questions I get: 1) Tenant has given their notice to vacate. Gave notice in the middle of the month to leave at the end of the...View Details

Ep 115 | AMA

Going over a few common questions I get: 1) If a neighborhood 'appears' to be dangerous, is the landlord suppose to disclose criminal/drug rate inform...View Details

When she isn’t taking photos of a wedding, you can find Simone Anne somewhere in the world, taking pictures on her camera or iPhone, showcasing the be...View Details

Ep 112  Highest and Best 32 with Keith Robinson   The Bay Area, like any other metro area in America, is changing. Some of these changes impact who li...View Details

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