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Growing up in the Bay Area, you learn a lot about the many ways the history of the Bay Area has impacted the rest of the world. In fact, many social m...View Details

The Bay Area Real Estate Market is always changing in some way or another. The latest change could come in the form of rent control. The future of Cos...View Details

“Step right up folks, the fun is about to begin!” One upon a time, those are the words that carnival barkers would yell to drum up excitement for the ...View Details

Every year, the Albany Film Festival brings together filmmakers from around the Bay Area to share their own works of film. For 8 years now, the Albany...View Details

For this episode, instead of the usual Highest and Best episode we release on Wednesday’s, I decided to do an #AskMarcAnything episode. As a property ...View Details

Welcome back to The Marc Guzman Podcast Experience. We have a hunch of new episodes lined up over the next few weeks, starting with our guest today, J...View Details

Highest and Best Ep 028 | Lanny Clark and Garrett Mann   Today, we rebrand Real Realtors as Highest And Best. We have Lanny Clark of Prime Lending and...View Details

Real Realtors 027 | Facebook and Realtors   Hello podcast listeners. Before we get started, a reminder that you can visit my website to...View Details

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