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In Real Estate, almost every sale will need the assistance of an appraiser. In some instances however, an appraisal is needed outside of a sale or ref...View Details

It is no secret that we live in polarizing times. That can make voicing opinions and tell stories difficult at times. My guest today though, uses the ...View Details

We all grow up having hopes and dreams for what we want to accomplish in our life. Over time, we develop the talent and skills to make our dreams a re...View Details

Today on Real Reltors, we are joined by the Maddox Real Estate Team, made up of Jason Maddox, Jamie Abitia and Katrena Prior. Located in Pinole, The M...View Details

Elementary school can be a scary time. Not just for kids who are going to school for the first time, but for parents as well, who worry about how thei...View Details

I have loved the cosmos all my life. Sometimes I feel like I should have gotten into astronomy. Today's episode was one of my favorites because we had...View Details

On this episode we get into how to adapt your real estate career for the changing times. My guests today are Kerri Naslund-Monday, with Keller William...View Details

#AskMarcAnything | It takes a certain type of personality to successfully work with home buyers. Buyers these days demand attention and expect their a...View Details

#AskMarcAnything | Should people create personal websites for their business? Answer is always yes. You want to have an online presence in an online w...View Details

One of the most common families will ask when moving into a new neighborhood is “How are the schools?” This can be a loaded question that a realtor mu...View Details

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