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Today on Real Realtors, I talked with Cass Gulden from Lee & Associates and Ryan Bettencourt of Summit Funding. We cover a host of topics, includi...View Details

#AskMarcAnything | With AB 291 (Chiu), California law extends its civil rights law to individuals regardless of citizenship, primary language, or immi...View Details

#AskMarcAnything | Despite the technological advances we have made as a society, the majority of the public does not understand how the technology wor...View Details

#AskMarcAnything | Recreational use of marijuana is becoming legalized by many states. If you are a Landlord or Tenant, your lease agreement or the ci...View Details

Richmond, California: A City of Pride and Purpose. When one hears about the City of Richmond, they could not be faulted if the first images that came ...View Details

#AskMarcAnything. Should you do Facebook Ads for your business? Here are my thoughts. Thank you for listening! Connect with me on your preferred netwo...View Details

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