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Everything starts out as an idea. Several months ago, my guests today, Jasmine Walker and Ashli Patrice, met and became friends, bonding over the idea...View Details

A man of many talents who lately has honed his skills in the world of nutrition. A one-time tattoo artist and nightclub promoter, Ryan Meyer now works...View Details

Everybody starts somewhere. Our guest on Real Realtors today is Felicia Mares, a realtor at Abio Properties who only 4 months ago got her license to s...View Details

Located in the heart of Richmond, the NIAD Art Center employs a staff of artists with masters degrees in fine arts, working with over 60 artists with ...View Details

For almost 30 years Gary has been amongst the top realtors here at Security Pacific. When I first got started in real estate, Gary served as my mentor...View Details

#AMA | Preventing Burnout

#AskMarcAnything. I began my real estate career in 2003. I have helped owners and buyers in over 900 transactions and currently manage over 300 rental...View Details

#AskMarcAnything. The City of Richmond has recently passed one of the strictest rent control ordinances in the State of California. As a property mana...View Details

#AskMarcAnything. Real estate agents are allowed to call themselves a “Realtor” when they join the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to t...View Details

More and more countries are beginning to tap into solar energy and placing regulations that will require every vehicle sold to be electric. But with t...View Details

Today, we spoke with Ron Mintz, Regional Vice-President of Golden Gate Sothebys International Realty. Licensed for almost 30 years, Ron got started in...View Details

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