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#AskMarcAnything. Tenants can cause trouble in many different ways. I have been managing rentals since 2007 and about half new clients that transfer t...View Details

In this week’s edition of Real Realtors, Davide Pio makes his return to The Marc Guzman Podcast Experience, and is joined by Greg McDaniel, host of th...View Details

With an extensive background in the media management industry, Melodie Mills specializes in introducing small businesses into the wide world of digita...View Details

California is currently home to over 900 breweries leading the way in the American craft beer movement. These breweries add roughly $7.5 Billion to th...View Details

Eddie Santos has been in the real estate business for 23 years and currently works at Genesis Real Estate. He originally was working as a creative ope...View Details

The Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corp, based out of Concord CA, has been performing all over the world for 60 years, winning a total of 18 World Champ...View Details

#AskMarcAnything. Typically a real estate transaction is done between two parties, the buyer and the seller. Typically the buyer is writing an offer i...View Details

#RealRealtors. Ronald Garcia and Kyle DeGennaro from Security Pacific Real Estate join me to discuss 10 ways a real estate agent can generate leads. L...View Details

As a business owner, we get caught up in the daily task requirements of our business that many times we forget to work on our social media marketing. ...View Details

It is known for being the epicenter of progressive and liberal politics but lesser known is the culture making it one of America’s most colorful and d...View Details

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